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Letter from the President of FM


Welcome FM members and visitors,

  Mark Ivan Jacobson

The Friends of Mineralogy since 1970 has pursued the goals of furthering the appreciation of minerals and mineral occurrences and creating educational bridges between amateur and professional mineralogists.  The last 40+ years have been a great ride with advances along many different avenues for learning, enjoyment and experience.  As part of our goal, we seek to further member interactions and outreach, since at the heart of all our actions is sharing our passion with others, and allowing them to share their own passions with us.  This website is designed with the intent to help a visitor or member explore their choices from joining Friends of Mineralogy or participating in our activities.  For those who want a more interactive experience, there is a facebook Friends of Mineralogy site for real time interactions.

This website will lead you to chapters who meet to listen to speakers, share collecting stories or view minerals, and hold symposiums on specific topics of interest.  The symposia sometimes include field trips, mineral exhibits and silent-bid mineral auctions.  Some of our activities result in publications which are listed here or on our chapter websites.  We have also sponsored and created awards for best educational display at two shows and best articles of the year in four magazines.

The community is still expanding, with new people bringing an enthusiastic take on a wide range of subjects.  In early March 2017, I viewed the colored pencil drawings of a first-time mineral artist -- a Pederneira tourmaline crystal cluster and a Mt. Antero aquamarine that were truly incredible in realism and beauty.  Iíve worked with new speakers who bring their love of geology and mineralogy into the audience.  FMís job is to provide a forum for all of them to interact.

2016 was an active year for mineral community Ė new finds on display, active buying and selling at mineral shows, discussions at mineral meetings, viewing and photographing specimens, and the publication of a wide spectrum of articles.  FM members took an active role in co-ordinating some of these events and promoting participation.  I welcome ideas for future activities which will help FM continue to play a vital role.  I am accessible.

Mark Ivan Jacobson
President, Friends of Mineralogy

The Friends of Mineralogy is affiliated with Mindat.org, the Mineralogical Society of America (MSA), Mineralogical Association of Canada (MAC),the American Geosciences Institute (AGI), The Mineralogical Record magazine, and Rocks & Minerals magazine.

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