2023 Tucson Mineral Symposium

In conjunction with the Mineralogical Society of America and the Tucson Gem & Mineral Society, Friends of Mineralogy is pleased to announce the annual Tucson Mineral Symposium for its 41st year.

Silica Minerals – quartz, agate, opal, tridymite, cristobalite, and other silicates
Saturday, February 11, 2023
Tucson Convention Center, Tucson, AZ

The Tucson Mineral Symposium will be held only as an in-person meeting at the Tucson Convention Center. Attendance is FREE. There will be a limited number of paper abstract booklets available at the symposium for free. There is one remote speaker we are thrilled to host this year as well as our exceptional live speakers.

Donations to offset the cost of the symposium can be made below.

A free PDF version of the abstract book is available for download below.

Speaker Program

David London – “Feldspars Tell the Tale of Pegmatites”
Brad Cross – “Dazzling Silica Minerals: The Agates and Geodes of Northern Chihuahua, Mexico”
Dale Gann – “Overview of the thundereggs of North America”
Peter Heaney – “The Many Colors of Agate: A Comparison of Pigmented and Iris Banding”
Amir C. Akhavan – “A superficial look at quartz crystal faces – reviving an old technique to determine handedness and position” (remote speaker, Europe)
William Stephens – “New sites and crystal habits of quartz in the Herkimer area, New York”
Parker Chang – “Blue “cubic” Trestia (Maramures, Romania) chalcedony: pseudomorph after what?”
Nathan Renfro – “The Micro-world of Chalcedony and other Silica Gems”
H. Peter Knudsen – “Quartz twins from the PC mine, Jefferson County, Montana”

Downloadable Files

PDF copies of the 2023 Tucson Mineral Symposium abstract book, event announcement, and speaker schedule (subject to change – a final schedule, if it changes will be updated on February 1, 2022) can be downloaded below:

Registration for online portion of FM-MSA-TGMS Mineral symposium in Tucson

The Tucson Mineral Symposium will be held as a hybrid event, both in person at the Tucson Convention Center and online via Zoom. Attendance in either format is FREE. In person attendance does not require registration. To receive the link to attend the online portion, please register here: 


Voluntary donations to offset the cost of the symposium can be made on the Friends of Mineralogy National website.