From the President


Greeting members,

It is now early June and snow and ice has receded for most of the United States. So the field collectors are now out and about. With the covid vaccine available to everyone; physical meetings have restarted. In fact, I gave my first physical presentation, legally, to a mineral club on May 11th which was also simultaneously broadcast to more distance members via zoom. Zoom presentations with a local or even remote speaker to an assembled audience, broadcast to remote audiences is an opportunity I believe will start to be used more frequently. This is a technique that FM National plans to do for the February 2022 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show® mineral symposium. I believe that the April 2022 Rochester Mineral Symposium may plan to do the same thing for their symposium.

FM National though has not been idle. The board with the general membership’s voting help has approved the revision to the FM National bylaws. Now combinations of remote and physical meetings, both for the general membership and the FM board will be strictly legal. The initial paperwork has been submitted to our bank to change the signers for the organization’s bank accounts so we can start paying our expenses and fulfilling our obligations. Alexander Schauss has initiated contacts to find a repository home for FM’s historical documents and newsletters. The historical documents are to be organized, scanned to digital files, and a finding aid created before transmittal to the archive with the digital records provided to several other archives. The division of fiscal records for the Treasurer from the historical records for later archiving has started. FM National’s Facebook page, which is open to all members, has several new editors who can add and solicit material. Although each chapter may already have its own Facebook page, each chapter has the right for an editor to add material of interest to FM National’s Facebook page.

For the 2022 Tucson mineral symposium, we have been soliciting speakers, so far we have four. Please consider giving a talk, we have a whole day (Saturday) we can use. Our call for papers is on our website, our last newsletter, as well as in our Rocks & Minerals and Mineral News advertisements. The change of our magazine advertisements is thanks to the efforts of Erin Delventhal and Matt McGill.

I am also impressed by several members submitting articles to be included in the National newsletter, which Beth Heesacker has assembled into an attractive, and informative newsletter. This is a great opportunity for these articles to reach a larger audience. I encourage all members to take advantage of our newsletter.

Mark Ivan Jacobson