Become a Member

Membership to Friends of Mineralogy can be attained through a regional chapter or as a National “at large” member.

We recommend joining through a chapter if one is nearby – chapters will be able to provide a wider range of local opportunities (meetings and field trips, for example). Membership in a chapter also grants you a National membership. Check for regional chapters in your area here.

National membership dues are $11 for an individual or $5 for existing members/subscribers of one of our affiliate organizations (, Mineralogical Society of America, Mineralogical Association of Canada, Mineralogical Record, Rocks & Minerals, Mineral News, or Young Mineral Collectors).

If you would like to join FM as a National member, please use the form below (PayPal and credit/debit accepted).

Alternatively, you can print out a membership form and mail a check for the appropriate dues payable to Friends of Mineralogy and mail both documents to:
Friends of Mineralogy
C/O Bruce W. Bridenbecker, Treasurer
P. O. Box 8362
Green Valley Lake, CA 92341