The Friends of Mineralogy (FM) is a national organization with local chapters and is open to membership by all. FM’s objective is to promote, support, protect and expand the collection of mineral specimens and to further the recognition of the scientific, economic and aesthetic value of minerals and collecting mineral specimens.

FM seeks to accomplish this in several ways:

FM promotes and supports its regional chapters in order to further regular interaction among mineral collectors, collecting trips, symposia and other projects at the local or regional level.
FM, nationally and through its local chapters, supports increased outreach and education on the beauty and importance to humankind of minerals, the scientific value of minerals and mineralogical research, and the rewards of collecting and maintaining a mineral collection.

FM sponsors comprehensive reference articles and publications on mineral localities in the United States and Canada, with an emphasis on providing information of value to mineral collectors on a state or provincial basis.

FM works actively with educational institutions, museums and others to preserve collections accessible to the general public.

FM actively cooperates and has affiliations with other mineralogical organizations and publications.

FM supports policies and agreements designed to preserve access to mineral specimen collecting localities or mining areas in order to assure the preservation of natural wonders.

Approved at Directors Meeting February 2001