Officers, Directors, and Committees


  • PRESIDENT: Mark Jacobson
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Virgil Leuth
  • SECRETARY: Randy Marsh
  • TREASURER: Gloria Staebler

Friends of Mineralogy, National Directors

Term expires in February 2019

  • Bob Meyer
  • Virgil Lueth
  • Mark Ivan Jacobson
  • Linda Smith

Term expires in February 2020

  • Allan Young
  • Gloria Staebler
  • Randy Marsh
  • William W. Besse

Term expires in February 2021

  • Brice W. Bridenbecker
  • Alexander Schauss
  • Chris Whitney-Smith
  • Jolyon Ralph

Standing Committee Chairs

  • WEBMASTER: Open  (Sad to report that Jim Etzwiler passed away in January 2018)
  • BULLETIN EDITOR: Beth Heesacker
  • Symposia Funding Committee: Chairman, Allan Young, Dr. Don Buchanan plus one more
  • Officer/at-large directors nominating committee: Linda Smith, Bill Besse, and Gloria Staebler.

See also the Regional Chapters page for local chapter contacts.